Ann Memmott

Professional Profile

Ann Memmott is an adviser on autism, working in the UK. Ann is a business owner and an experienced employer she helps companies and groups who would like to use the skills and talents of people who are on the autism spectrum or would like to know more about this extraordinary brain design. Ann is the author of the national guidelines for welcoming and including those on the autism spectrum for churches, as well as access guidelines for the Royal Palaces, Houses of Parliament, English Heritage, Crown Prosecution Service, Police and many other national organisations. Ann also works with the major national autism charities in various capacities.

Ann is a senior Training Consultant and a national speaker at conferences on autism, working with fellow Professionals including those at the Royal College of Psychiatrists and with many Clinical Psychologists. A major specialisation is discussing how diagnostic assessment processes apply to women on the autism spectrum.

Most people on the autism spectrum are quiet, gentle people who are excellent friends and colleagues. Generally, those with autism are immensely honest, reliable, careful, diligent, and have an error rate only a tenth of that of most other workers and colleagues.